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Lake Katherine, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada, Warren Justice
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 Mount Assiniboine | Victor Liu
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accidentally woke up at 4 but i watched the sunrise
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dude in the back turnt up
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Friendship at it’s finest
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Me he decepcionado mucho de mí mismo este año, y apenas estamos en abril
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Aceptemoslo, las bonitas siempre obtendrán lo que quieren.

Acéptenlo, el hecho de ser bonita no te soluciona la vida, sólo genera que te odien más.

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one time i was at a nightclub and it was really dark and i met a guy and we didnt really talk he kind of just like guided me to the dance floor and we grinded on eachother and made out and he whispered wanna go to my place in my ear and i was like yeah ok so we went outside to get a cab and we looked at each other in the light of the streetlight and he turned out to be my bio. teacher and he literally sprinted away


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